Holy Fucking Shit!

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Talk about dropping the fucking ball on this place…..

Well got some new shit down the pipe line, and looking forward to adding some new adventures here.

Special Delivery!

Posted in Li[f]e on August 25, 2009 by ap2chico

So today I get a text from my girl – There’s a package here from JDMEGO… OH SHIT SON!!!!   Jay is the fucking man.  Check out the goods he laced me up with.

JDMEGO Produce

I’ll brake it down, JDMEGO Plate frames, JDMEGO stickers, GRYMRKT limited shirt, J’s racing stickers, FATLACE / Illest stickers and Honda Style & VTEC Sports mags – Yeah more than I expected, so a big thank you to Jay, and if you are reading this, go support my man and pick up some gear for your ride, or body haha.

Iloveracing.com and http://fatlace.com/ and a few others that sell the goods.

So now that I got all the fly gear what should I do? Wash the ride, top down, photo shot time?

Fuck this!

FUCK NO!  check out this bullshit!!  Hey it’s 110 on THU do you really need the “HOT”  graphic??  Like you can just look at those fucking numbers and figure out that you can cook eggs on your car?  FML.

So instead, I suggest you go get the new Honda Tuning Mag with the Phaze 2 offset king on the cover.

Honda Tuning

now stop reading this and go get all the dope shit I just posted, I’m going to take the VTEC Sports mag and go throw a beat in the bath room.

BUSY…. what else can I say.

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Wow.. talk about dropping the ball.  Just a quick update since I still see people look at the site.  The rear bumper has been fixed, fenders have been swapped for Varis ones.  here’s a shot of the car as it sits now.  DSCF3144DSCF3162

Work has been keeping me extremely busy as well as life.  well thanks for looking check back in a year hahah jk.

Is this BLOG still up?

Posted in Cars! on January 3, 2009 by ap2chico

My apologies to those souls that wonder in here now and then to find nothing new.  The car remains the same, well except I have this sweet scratch on my rear bumper thanks to some asshole.  Hit and runs are sweet.

Anyways, I thought I post some pics of a resent trip I did with a few members from S2KI.


Gas please!

Gas please!



Roling in the snow

Roling in the snow


I’ll try to update this more in the coming year haha.  Hope all of you had a great new years.

Just some better pics.

Posted in Cars! on November 23, 2008 by ap2chico

Went to a tech day yesteray and got some better pics taken of my car.  enjoy.img_1426img_1427img_1428img_1434It was a good turn out, with a dope NSX sporting ADVAN RS wheels.  I’m hoping to get VARIS wide fenders soon.

Wheels are ON! fenders are OWNED!

Posted in Cars!, Li[f]e on November 9, 2008 by ap2chico

So I finally rolled the fronts and put the wheels on.  Car is sitting flush and pretty. 255/40/17 rears and 225/45/17 fronts.  I took the APR lip off but will be going back on eventually.




and this is what happends when you go up into a parkinglot and not go in the right angle. 😦



I can’t decide if I want to modify the OEM fenders even further or get wide fenders.  This is going to get expensive either way.  Self Ownage is awesome!


for those that are wondering what wheels I have, they are ADVAN RZ 17×9 +45 front and back.  Stay tuned for updates sooner or later, haha.

A New Low.

Posted in Cars! on October 23, 2008 by ap2chico

So, just a quick up date.  Coilovers are on, APR lip is on, rear fenders are rolled(probably going to roll them a little more and pull them down the road)  I need to roll the fronts but I ran out of time.  Here’s some quick shots for the time being.

Car is lowered on Buddy Club Race Spec Coilovers,still need to get the car corner balanced and aligned.  I must say though this coilovers absorb bumps much better than my stock suspension for being this low.